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Web-GEMs will no longer be available via POGOe after August 31, 2017. The web-GEMS modules will be moved to Med-U and are now available via subscription

If your institution created web-GEMs assignments before September, 2016, you are “grandfathered” into web-GEMs on Med-U and your institution will have one year free access to web-GEMs through June, 2018. MedU has already notified users who are ‘grandfathered’ about the process and has sent information on initiating your free access to the course through their new learning management system. If your institution is grandfathered and you haven't already done so, please complete the MedU onboarding form here so you can begin the process of onboarding onto the MedU platform.

If you have not received notification that you are will have free access for the 2017-18 subscription year and would like a quote to purchase a license for access to web-GEMs starting in July, please contact MedU Subscriptions for a quote. If you have any questions about this transition please reach out to Elvy Ickowicz at AGS. If you are currently using web-GEMs modules, you and your trainees will have until August 31, 2017 to complete the module via POGOe at no cost.


web-GEMs is a series of peer-reviewed interactive case modules based on the AAMC Geriatrics Competencies. Individual cases can be integrated into clinical training with emphasis on “core topics” in, e.g., neurology, psychiatry, internal medicine, emergency medicine, surgery, OB/GYN, or the whole curriculum can be used within a geriatrics, internal medicine, family medicine clerkship, or in nursing, physician assistant, and interprofessional team training. The web-GEMs cases develop learners’ understanding of geriatric medicine, and integrate that understanding as they expand their skills in other specialties. This is a collaborative effort developed by authors from 27 different institutions.


Medication Management


Cognitive and Behavioral Disorders


Self-care Capacity


Falls, Balance, Gait Disorders


Health Care Planning and promotion


Atypical Presentation of Disease


Palliative Care


Hospital Care for Elders


Cultural Competency


Interprofessional Education web-GEMs

Key Features of the Curriculum

  • Detailed Student Reports
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  • Peer-Reviewed
  • Addresses AAMC Geriatrics Competencies
  • Follows the format of other national web-based models that many students are familiar with (SIMPLE/CLIPP/fm-CASEs/WISEmd)
  • Uses a standardized/uniform format and “look and feel” from case to case
  • Emphasizes clinical decision-making/reasoning
  • Each case consists of a number of components, including: clinical text, questions, multimedia, roll-overs, hyperlinks, “Expert Boxes” and “Clipboards”
  • Full answer explanation to each question
  • Each case includes a downloadable "Takeaways" document with key take-home points and a PubMed-linked reference page.


Editorial Board

Amit Shah, MD, FACP, Mayo Clinic - Phoenix

Executive Editor:
Rosanne Leipzig, MD, PhD, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Editorial Team:
Cynthia Brown, MD, MSPH, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Kathryn Callahan, MD, Wake Forest University
Channing Ford, MPA, MA, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Carol Howe, MD, MLS, University of Arizona
Zhenya Hurd, MS, American Geriatrics Society
Alayne Markland, MD, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Daren Simkin, Johns Hopkins University Medical School
Craig Usiak, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Medical Illustrator:
Lindsay Oksenberg, MA, CMI, University of Texas Southwestern

Joshua Denny, MD, Vanderbilt University
Peter Speltz, BS, Vanderbilt University