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Discharge Planning and Care Transition Curriculum for Interns


Discharge Planning and Care Transition Curriculum for Interns

Indiana University School of Medicine
Tochukwu Iloabuchi, MD, MS
John A. Hartford Foundation
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A discharge planning curriculum for internal medicine and family medicine interns consisting of two parts:

PART I: Five online self-study learning modules on:

  1. Multi-morbidity in Older Adults
  2. Hazards of Hospitalization
  3. Poor Discharge Outcome Risk Assessment
  4. Evidence Based Models of Care Transition
  5. Components of a Quality Discharge Planning

Each module consists of an introduction, learning objectives, pre-quiz, content, conclusion, and references. The online modules will emphasize knowledge and will consist of five learning modules covering the above listed topics. These topics were chosen to provide the broad knowledge base related to hospitalized older adults and their care transitions.


A live session is conducted utilizing and implementing multiple instructional strategies. This live session is divided into multiple segments or parts. Each segment is conducted utilizing a different instructional strategy and structured to encourage learner participation by incorporating at least one interactive activity:

Instructional Strategies

  • PowerPoint lecture with multiple choice questions and integrated audience response (clickers)
  • Co-teaching and expert panel discussion (incl. a therapist, hospital transition team member, and a social worker)
  • Minute paper (interval self-assessment and reflection on learning)
  • Case-based problem solving

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Attitudes
Educational objectives: 

At the completion of the modules, participants will be able to:

  • Define multi-morbidity and its effects
  • Identify the hazards of hospitalization and measures to prevent or minimize these hazards
  • Identify a medical patients at increased risk of poor outcomes post hospital discharge
  • Identify the components of a successful care transition
  • Identify the benefits of a structured discharge summary

At the end of the Modules and the IMPACT session, the Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA) expected of the interns includes:

  • Formulating a safe discharge plan for an older adult
  • Completing a high quality comprehensive discharge summary


Additional information/Special implementation requirements or guidelines: 

Non Indiana University (IU) faculty and students will need a guest account to access the online modules. Instructions on how to create an IU guest account can be found at:

To create a guest account go to:

After a guest account has been created, send the e-mail address with which you created the guest account to: and access to the online learning modules will be granted to that e-mail/guest account.

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2 hours 30 minutes
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Tochukwu Iloabuchi, MD, MS

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