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(Y1S8) ELDER Project: Best Nursing Practices: Pain


(Y1S8) ELDER Project: Best Nursing Practices: Pain

Fairfield University
Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
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The curriculum is based on the John A. Hartford best practices in the care of older adults, and this session is designed to assist care providers in long term or home care settings in assessing for and treating pain; and in providing palliative care for older adults. This is session 8 of 11 and is targeted toward Registered Nurses (RNs), LPNs, and other licensed health care professionals.  There are two modules within this session, Pain, and Palliative Care. Pain topics include: acute versus chronic pain; causes of pain; undertreatment; use of pain scales to assess pain; pharmacologic treatment and side effects of pain medications; non pharmacologic treatments and atypical presentation of pain in older adults. Palliative care topics include: World Health Organization definition of palliative care; philosophy and basic priniciples of palliative care; quality of life; final hours of life; and working within an interdisciplinary team for patients in need of palliative care.

Educational objectives: 
  1. Discuss barriers to pain relief for older adults.
  2. Identify strategies in assessing pain in older adults.
  3. Identify strategies in treating pain in older adults.
  4. Define palliative care.
  5. Discuss the assessment parameters important to palliative care.
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1 hour
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No, I (we) have nothing to disclose.
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