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Texas Tech Medcast Reynolds Geriatric Step 1 Prep Series 2011: No. 126--Mr. Grover's Lung Mass


Texas Tech Medcast Reynolds Geriatric Step 1 Prep Series 2011: No. 126--Mr. Grover's Lung Mass

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine
Betsy Goebel Jones, P.T., Andrew Dentino, P.T., Bevan "Taylor" Choate, P.T., Divya Danda, P.T., Daniel "Brock" Hewitt, P.T., Karl Kashfi, P.T., Cody McMahan, P.T., Jennifer Roh, P.T., Andrew Shakespeare, P.T., Curtis "Rusty" Stennett, P.T.
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
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The Step1 Test Prep Series was created by second-year students at the Texas Tech School of Medicine in Lubbock as a project of the MS2 Aging Block of Systems Disorders II. It was developed as part of the Reynolds Geriatrics Podcast series, which is supported in part by an Aging and Quality of Life grant from the D.W. Reynolds Foundation. The episodes in this series are based on questions that have geriatrics content and patient vignettes from the 2011 Step1 Sample Exam, available from

Educational objectives: 

The second-year medical student studying for the Step 1 exam should be able to:

  • Identify smoking as one of the biggest risk factors for small cell lung cancer.
  • Identify the common complications of small cell lung cancer.
  • Analyze serum values to identify paraneoplastic syndromes associated with small cell lung cancer.
  • Understand the systemic and cognitive symptoms associated with paraneoplastic secretions originating from small cell lung cancer.
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Dr. Betsy Goebel Jones, Dr. Andrew Dentino, Bevan \"Taylor\" Choate, Divya Danda, Daniel \"Brock\" Hewitt, Karl Kashfi, Cody McMahan, Jennifer Roh, Andrew Shakespeare, Curtis \"Rusty\" Stennett and Lindsey Wooliscroft. Texas Tech Medcast Reynolds Geriatric Step 1 Prep Series 2011: No. 126--Mr. Grover's Lung Mass. POGOe - Portal of Geriatrics Online Education; 2011 Available from: