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Older Surgical Patient Case


Older Surgical Patient Case

Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
Amy Corcoran, PT, Rachel Kelz, P.T.
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
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During the surgery clerkship, medical students are exposed to many elderly patients and cover age-related issues on a case-by-base basis.  The purpose of this educational initiative is to reach all of the medical students during their surgery clerkship to ensure a baseline of knowledge, skill, and attitude for caring for the older surgical patient. Through a problem-based learning case and working in teams, students will address the following topics: co-morbidity and frailty assessment, discussion of peri-operative assessment and decision-making with regard to surgery, and transitional care planning of the older surgery patient.

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  • Students will appreciate the unique problems of the increasing number of older adult patients undergoing abdominal surgery
  • Students will characterize the medical and surgical causes of acute abdominal pain in the older adult patient
  • Students will discuss the approach to an older adult patient with an acute abdomen
  • Students will appreciate the complex decision-making and rationale for the management options for an older adult surgical patient (i.e. emergent surgery, serial abdominal exams, and non-operative management)
  • Students will recognize the peri-operative complications common in the older adult surgical patient
  • Students will recognize different sites of care for older adults to recover after surgery
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Submitted by iversonp on

Helpful, case-based lecture and very useful curriculum and test questions for surgery and the older adult patient.  Well done