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Clinical Informatics Consult Service (CICS) Geriatrics Information Packets


Clinical Informatics Consult Service (CICS) Geriatrics Information Packets

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Molly Cahall, P.T., Marcia Epelbaum, P.T.
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The Clinical Informatics Consult Service (CICS) is a program offered by the Knowledge Management/Eskind Biomedical Library (KM/EBL) team at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Highly trained librarians functioning as knowledge management experts answer physicians’ complex, patient-specific clinical questions. The knowledge management specialists have developed filtered synthesized packets of selected research topics based on available evidence-based literature resources. 

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These filtered, evidence-based literature summaries, developed in response to the clinical questions posed by physicians and clinical teams, consist of:

  1. a concise statement on the current state of the research literature, including all available viewpoints, conflicting study results, and limitations;
  2. paragraph or tabular summaries of individual studies selected and reviewed for their quality, strength or representation of the research evidence, with links to the full text of the articles when available;
  3. expert search strategies used to retrieve relevant literature; and
  4. additional readings that may include practice guidelines or related research pertinent to the clinician’s question.

The literature summaries are made available through the Geriatrics Digital Library, a portal created by the Knowledge Management team to provide immediate ubiquitous access to a valuable collection of online information resources for geriatrics education, research, and patient care. Currently 61 geriatrics-related literature summaries with links to the full text of the cited articles are available in the KM/EBL Geriatrics Digital Library (GDL).

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