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The Learning Curve: A Geriatrics Professional Development Webinar Series


The Learning Curve: A Geriatrics Professional Development Webinar Series

James J Peters VA Medical Center
Judith L. Howe, PhD, Helen Fernandez, MD, MPH, Ronni Chernoff, RD
Geriatric Education Center (GEC)
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This webinar series was created to provide professional development to the health providers participating in the Geriatric Scholars program funded by the Office of Rural Health through Greater LA GRECC. The participants are the MDs, DOs, NPs, and PAs participating in the program.

Educational objectives: 

At the conclusion of this webinar series, the Geriatric Scholars should be able to:

  1. Peer to Peer Education - Improve their communication skills in knowledge transfer with their peers who work in the CBOC's
  2. Adult Learning - Define the basic theories of adult learning to better understand what motivates and engages adults to incorporate new information into their health behaviors
  3. Health Literacy - Identify literacy barriers that affect learning in older patients
  4. Keys to Effective Leadership - Describe how to navigate team members through effective negotiations and discussions of team member roles; Apply open and frank discussion strategies among team members that serve to build commitment and confidence; Recommend opportunities for leadership among team members
  5. Managing Team Dynamics - Utilize successful team-based solutions to guide the members of the team to meet patient needs; Develop a strategy to foster productive collaboration with other team members
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THE LEARNING CURVE: A GERIATRICS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WEBINAR SERIES is presented by the Department of Veterans Affairs Employee Education System in collaboration with the Consortium of New York Geriatric Education Centers, the Arkansas Education Center and the Geriatric Scholars Program, which is funded by the VA Office of Rural Health.

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