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Coding 101


Coding 101

University of Michigan Medical School
Davoren Chick, MD
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Coding 101 is an online curriculum designed for residents. The curriculum includes three audio-visual modules and suggested supplementary online resources. While the audiovisual modules can be viewed in any order, they are designed for progressive learning in a suggested viewing order. Each module contains learning objectives for Systems Based Practice, an ACGME general competency. Within each module, learning points are identified for PGY1-3 progressive learning. The first module, Coding Fundamentals, provides an overview of ICD, CPT, HCPCS, and medical necessity rules. The second module, E&M Coding, provides guided examples of outpatient E&M coding using 1995 and 1997 rules. The third module, Beyond the Basics, introduces modifier -25, teaching modifiers -GE/GC, coding for counseling time, preventive care coding, and other miscellaneous topics. Supplementary suggested content allows learners to link to the Medicare 1995/1997 documents, the CMS Evaluation and Management Services Guide, and other coding resources. The overall curriculum is appropriate for any resident, 4th year ambulatory students, fellows, and even faculty. All resources are contained on one webpage. The webpage contains links to the following: Coding 101, Part 1: Coding Fundamentals [original production by Davoren Chick, MD; Coding 101, Part 2: E&M Coding [original production by Davoren Chick, MD]; Coding 101, Part 3: Beyond the Basics [original production by Davoren Chick, MD]; link is provided to the ACP guide to frequently used ICD-9-CM codes; link is provided to a brief overview of HCPCS; link is provided to the Evaluation and Management Services Guide produced by CMS; link is provided to a review of the Medicare IPPE exam by; links are provided to the CMS 1995 and 1997 documentation guidelines for evaluation and management services.

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1. Origins and usages of ICD-9-CM codes 2. Origins and usages of CPT codes 3. HCPCS federal codes 4. The medical necessity rule 5. The definition of a "new" patient 6. History E&M key component and its three sub-areas 7. Physical exam E&M key component, with 1995 and 1997 documentation 8. Medical decision making key component and its three sub-areas 9. Documentation rules for new and established outpatients 10. Modifier 25 11. Preventive care coding options, including the IPPE 12. Smoking cessation counseling codes 13. GC and GE teaching modifiers

Additional information/Special implementation requirements or guidelines: 

Because the videos are in Windows Media format, they are best viewed from an Internet Explorer web browser on a PC that has Windows Media Player (WMP). A link is provided to connect learners to the microsoft download center where a free copy of WMP can be accessed for any Windows or Mac system. From standard windows PCs, learners may use the table of contents hotlink bars visible to the left of the video in order to jump to different topics if they desire. Using a Mac or web browsers other than Internet Explorer, learners can view the videos as designed (in a progressive manner) but may not be able to jump between sections using the table of contents bars. In such cases, the forward and backward arrows and sliding bar of WMP still allow learners to repeat or skip sections as desired. For all systems, audio output is required. Audio is best quality using headphones or speakers but is sufficient using only a laptop audio feed. Please note that while the content is not likely to be irrelevant or obsolete in 3-5 years, coding rules do evolve. The material will be updated if necessary but CMS regulations will always be the only legal source for new coding regulations.

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