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FCM-012 Pharm 2 Geriatric Pharmacology/Polypharmacy

FCM-012 Pharm 2 Geriatric Pharmacology/Polypharmacy

Medical College of Wisconsin
Jesse DeGroat Jr., MD
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NOTE: To access this product, users will have to register with the Medical College of Wisconsin via the website provided. This is an online module designed to provide an enduring product for resident education in geriatric pharmacology. The primary goal is to facilitate use and provide resident exposure to online resources associated with and pertinent to geriatric pharmacologic care. The resident is provided a background, with problem oriented questions and answers to facilitate improvement in patient management. The entire module should take 25 to 45 minutes to complete. Key elements include use of web-based resources, Power Point Presentations, and online pre- and post tests to allow evaluation of utility of module to resident and educator. An online intranet resource is utilized to allow smooth negotiation of the module.

Educational objectives: 

At the conclusion of the modules, residents will be able to provide competent, appropriate, and effective patient care through the use of on-line, evidence based tools. In particular, residents will be able to: 1. Make informed decisions about therapeutic interventions through use of up to date evidence. (Beers Criteria, medication interaction tools, medication prescribing tools, GAYF). 2. Develop and carry-out management plans (same tools). 3. Use Information Technology to support patient care decisions and patient education (same tools). 4. Provide preventive health care to patients and families aimed at prevention or focused on maintaining current health (same tools).

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Must have access to existing intranet site with access to copyrighted materials These materials are typically licensed to medical schools/residency programs for access (e.g., up-to-date). Reviewers will need passwords to access site for review (reviewer log-in and password information included in the cover e-mail re: this submission. Please advise when the review has been completed so that our access list can be updated/revised.

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Jesse DeGroat

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