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Geriatric Pharmacology

Geriatric Pharmacology

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine
Kathryn McMahon, DO
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This team learning session was designed to instruct students in issues related to geriatric pharmacology and strategies for prescribing in the elderly. The materials were used in a 2 hour session facilitated by an MD and PhD for content expertise in both basic and clinical science and to bring clinical relevance to the basic science material. This module is part of a year-long course in pharmacology using multiple team learning modules to teach content.

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1.) Explain how aging-related decline in organ function impacts pharmacokinetics with specific emphasis on the kidneys, liver, blood volume and skeletal muscle. 2.) Describe aging-related concerns for the use of digoxin, warfarin, NSAIDS, sedative/hypnotics, and drugs with anticholinergic effects. 3.) Explain how poly-pharmacology, including over-the-counter medications and changes in cognitive and physical function, impact and have adverse effects in geriatric populations. 4.) Describe how the pathologies commonly seen in the geriatric population are expected to lead to predictable complications. 5.) Avoid over-medication of the elderly. 6.) Manage clinical situations of pathologies or drug-related problems in geriatric individuals.

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These materials are intended to be used as a team-based learning module following team-based learning principles of small group work and the learning sequence of student pre-reading/independent study, readiness assurance testing, and then application activity.

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