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Pharmacology Cases

Pharmacology Cases

Richard Sims, MPH
AAMC/John A. Hartford Foundation
John A. Hartford Foundation
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Simulated patient cases for use in basic science.

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The goal of this project is to increase the exposure of all University of Alabama School of Medicine (UASOM) students to a core of geriatric knowledge that will ensure an adequate background for medical practice in the 21st century. We plan to increase the exposure of the medical students to older adults in order to build empathy, illustrate both "normal" aging and the challenges associated with caring for older adults, and provide opportunities for students to solve complex problems related to geriatrics medicine. Upon completion of these cases the learners should be able: 1.) To relate basic science lectures to simulated patient cases; and 2.) To provide a sense of everyday medical practice to pre-clinical students.

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These cases are best taught in a classroom setting.

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Richard Sims

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