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A Quiz: What Do You Know About Aging?

A Quiz: What Do You Know About Aging?

University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine
Linda Breytspraak, MPH, Louise Arnold, MPH, Burton Halpert, MPH, Liz Kendall, MPH
AAMC/John A. Hartford Foundation
John A. Hartford Foundation
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This 50-item quiz is on the facts of Aging. It includes: the correct answers, an explanation of the answers, and references. Some of the items are drawn from Erdman Palmore's landmark "Facts on Aging Quiz" that appeared in two issues of The Gerontologist (1977; 1981) ; the rest are original to this quiz.

Educational objectives: 

The goal of this quiz is to help learners understand basic facts about the process of aging and to correct stereotypes of aging. Learners will be able to understand:

  1. The normal biological, psychological, and social processes of aging.
  2. The needs of older people ranging from the physical through the social views of older people.
  3. The relationships between the key phases of the life cycle.
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This can be an effective trigger for discussion in a classroom setting.

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Louise Arnold

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